Beauty DeClutter: Empties and Mistakes


Hello Darling, 
I am practically a makeup hoarder. Makeup hoarding isn't a great habit because it means you have a lot of practically empty packets, products you don't like and products that are super old and 100% need to be thrown away. A couple days ago I decided that maybe it's time to pass on a couple products and it's a perfect opportunity to blog about it! 
I have a selection of products that are leaving my collection, either because they're empty or I don't use them. Some of these I may re-buy, but most of them are probably leaving me permanently. So let's get into this!

Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer: I have used, what seems like hundreds, this concealer. I love it, it's affordable, it's easy to find. If I don't have one of these in my collection it's definitely going to be a bad makeup day. Safe to say, I have already re-bought this concealer. 

NYX, HD Concealer in CW 03: This concealer is way too dark and too pink for me to use. I do have the 02 and that's a much better shade. The concealer isn't my favourite but I'm keeping the lighter shade and passing on the darker one to my mum because I'm getting absolutely no use from it. 

Barry M, Light Reflecting Concealer in 1: I've almost ran out of this concealer but it's also too light coverage for me. I've used it all up just because I paid money for it but I really wont be re-buying it. It smells good though. 

No7, Creme Touch Face Powder in Translucent: I love this powder so much but sadly it's ran out. I think I probably will pick another up after I've used some of my other powders. Really sad to see this finally leaving me as it's a really soft nice powder. 

Rimmel, Fresher Skin Foundation in Ivory: I absolutely hate this foundation. I rarley say I hate a makeup product but oh man, this foundation is BAD. I'm so sorry if you enjoy it, but I really don't. It's patchy and greasy on the skin, it has a really weird feel/texture and it just looks horrendous on my skin. I'm going to give it to my mum and see if she can get on with it, but if she's anything like me she'll get rid too.

Rimmel, Stay Matte Powder in Transparent: This packaging is absolutely destroyed, the powder is smashed, let's just say this has seen better days. Similar to the lasting perfection concealer, I have already re-bought this because I love it so much but it's time this one makes its way to the bin. 

Myface,cosmetics, Rouge_Medium in Copa Choca Latta: I will be so shocked if there is anyone reading this who remembers this brand of makeup. It used to stock in Boots but years and years ago it got discontinued and all the products were sold off. I still manage to have this random blush but it's so old it's time to pass it on. I actually really like the colour and formula, but it's so old it can't be sanitary anymore. Not only that, I never really use it so it's just taking space up. This blush has seen a lot of good years but it's time to say goodbye. 

MUA,  Bronzer in Shade 2: I've used this bronzer a few times, but I just never reach for it anymore. It's very orange/red, kind of brick colour and it's not the easiest product to blend so I think I'm just going to pass it on to my mum and see if she will use it. I have plenty of bronzers and I don't need this one anymore. 

NYX, HD Blush in Nude'tude: I am so so sad this blush is smashed. I loved it and when I go to a NYX counter next I will be re-buying it. The reason it smashed was because I used it so much and the product inside got too thin and hit pan. It's a really nice bronze blush and it's a really flattering shade. I love the NYX blushes. 

Laura Geller, Shape n' Sculpt: This product is too old now to stay in my collection. Not only that, the product is very stiff to use and the brown has shimmers in, which makes contouring a bit difficult. The highlight is ok, maybe slightly underwhelming. But, long story short I have had this powder too long and it's time to say goodbye. 

Rimmel, Wonder'full Mascara: This mascara is just too natural, I don't like the brush and it's probably too old now because mascaras can't be open too long. 

Revlon, Grow Luscious Mascara: Similarly, this is probably too old and it just doesn't add enough to my lashes. I used to like it but it doesn't match up anymore now I have tried more mascaras. 

Rimmel, Gel Eyeliner in 001: I don't like this eyeliner, it fades on my eyes, it's hard to apply and it transfers. 

Benefit, They're real! Push up liner: I don't like this eyeliner either. I find it super difficult to apply and I can't achieve the look I want to with this liner. It's relativity new so I'm going to give it to my mum and see if she can get on with it. 

MeMeMe, Enchanted eyes pencil in Midnight Storm: This is actually really beautiful, but I just don't wear blue on my eyes and I keep ending up with blue marks all over my hands when I'm trying to find something in my makeup collection and I'm pretty sure it's this. 

Max Factor, Mascara: I'm not 100% sure the name of this because all the packaging has worn off, but I have blogged about it before and how I don't like it. I kept it because it was the only waterproof mascara I had, but now I have bought a new waterproof mascara so I can get rid of this one. 

Maybelline, Baby Lips Balm in Flirty Pink and Innocent Peach: I was bought these as a gift, but I just don't use balms. I don't use them as cheek tints because they can move my foundation around and on my lips they're not pigmented enough. I'm going to give these to my little sister because I think she'll like them more than me and they're really tricky to store. 

MUA Luxe, Metallic Liquid Lips in Glint: I bought this because the colour is super unique, it reminded me of club by MAC  but in lip version. I have never actually worn it out because the smell is so vile and makes me feel so sick, it's also very sticky but I could deal with that, I just cannot deal with the vile smell. 

Rimmel, Apocalips Lip Lacquer: I'm not sure on the shades but I have a red one, a purple shimmery one, a nudey pink and a matte peachy nude. I used to really like these but I just don't use them anymore. They're really pigmented but they don't set so they feel a bit sticky all day on the lips and they don't last as well as a liquid lipstick. I did keep some hot pink shades because they're very pigmented but I'm getting rid of these 4 because they're just taking up space. 

Sleek, Pout Polish in Bare Minimum: I never use this product and I don't really get what it does, it is a gloss? is it a balm? I don't know. It doesn't really do anything or show up on my lips except feel sticky and smell like really fake vanilla. So, I'm going to pass this on. 

Barry M, Lip gloss: Not sure on the shade but it's a pinkey nude. I'm getting rid because it's kinda old and I just don't wear gloss anymore. 

No7, High Shine in Glaze: Again, I don't wear gloss anymore and it's probably too old to keep. 

Fearne by Fearne Cotton, Lip gloss: This gloss is 100% too old, I do like the colour but it just needs to go in the bin now. 

Barry M, Lipstick in 37: This is a black lipstick and I know my sister Aimee really wants it. Since I bought a black liquid lipstick which is much more pigmented and lasts much longer, I no longer need this one so I'm just going to give it to her. 

Elizabeth Arden, Exceptional Lipstick in Starlight: This is just so so old, you can even smell how old it is. I love the colour but I literally cannot keep this with how old it is. 

Maybelline, Colour Show Polish in 410 and 352: These polishes are just not great formulas and I never wear the colours so I'm going to give these to my mum because she likes darker polishes. 

Nailberry, Rouge Polish: I really like or wear red on my nails so there isn't much point in me having a red polish and I'm sure someone else would prefer to have it. All it's doing in my collection is collecting dust. 

Lollipops, Lip Balm: Sadly, I have lost the lid for this balm so I'm just going to bin it. I do really like it and I like the smell but it's just going to get contaminated or leak product everywhere so it isn't worth keeping. 

Elemis, Softly Softly Moisturiser: Unfortunately I have ran out of this, I really loved it and need to re-buy it but I struggle to find it anywhere! So if I can't find this exact one I'll have to find a new moisturiser to love.

I also know that a couple weeks ago I did this with my makeup and I had a little batch of makeup to get rid of, but I can't remember where I left all that stuff which is incredibly irritating. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading and I hope I've inspired you to try and declutter your own makeup stash. Let me know what you thought in the comments! 

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Make every second beautiful and have a pretty day, 
Kayleigh xo 

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  1. Wow, when you said you were a makeup hoarder you were not joking. Lol, you sound just as bad as me.I hardly ever buy makeup anymore because for some reason new makeup keeps magically appearing in my makeup bag ( a lot of gifts and products sent to me to try).Now you made me feel like I need to declutter too. I'm glad that you talked about the Rimmel lipsticks because I was thinking about trying them out but I like a dry matte finish so if it is sticky that will not work for me. cool post.

    1. I know Rimmel have just came out with a matte version, so they might be much better suited to you if you prefer a matte finish.
      Thanks so much for reading,
      Kayleigh xo