Life Updates: Bits of Happy News


Hello Darling, 
I didn't want to dedicate full posts to this sort of stuff as to many of you it wont be that relevant and it's just some drops of news from my life at the moment. But I also thought, all of this was worth telling you all and for those of you who care it might be a nice read, with so much bad news floating around bits of good news can be nice to hear! 

  • I got my first year university results. If you don't know I do Law at Newcastle University. Honestly, all year I have felt a little bit lost and like I'm not good enough to do my course. I've worried constantly about not knowing what's going on and potentially failing. But, I got my exam results via the student portal online and I managed to get a 2:1 overall for first year! For many people they may see that and think, "well it's not a first." To you, negative Nancy, I say bleugh!!! I am incredibly proud of myself for first year and I am going to push as hard as I possibly can for the next two years of my degree. After working super hard, I am so happy that my revision and time was spent well and it paid off. So now, roll on second year!

  • My Dad and Step Mum have had a baby boy, which means I have a new baby brother! His name is Sam Thomas Binns and he is completely beautiful. Sadly I live an hour away from my Dad so I don't get to see him all the time, but in a couple weeks I am planning to go and see him and spend some time getting to know Sam. I have seen him already and he was the most precious little boy, so cute and very tall! He is also my Nanna's 15th Grandchild which is crazy but I love my family just growing and growing. 
  • I have finished first year of university, this kind of links into my first bit of news, but sadly first year is over. I have had an incredible year at Newcastle Uni and enjoyed most moments, I could say all but Exam season was not not not enjoyable. So, I am currently back at home living with my Mum, brother and sister, missing my university friends but enjoying spending time with my family. I've included a random selection of photos from first year, so enjoy looking at those! 

That's all my major news currently, I have other smalls bits like I'm back at work and it's my brothers 10th birthday next weekend but nothing super life changing and exciting. 

Let me know if you have any super cool news in your life at the moment! And please give me a follow at the bottom of the page or on bloglovin'. 

Make every second beautiful and have a pretty day, 
Kayleigh xo 

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  1. I went to Northumbria uni! So technically that makes us enemies hahaha but congrats on the 2:1 :) Very cute baby brother you have too now!

    Jaynie Shannon*


    1. Haha! Thank you! What course did you do?
      He is adorable. <3
      Thanks so much for reading!

      Kayleigh xo