Products I wont re-buy: Drugstore/ Affordable Makeup Regrets.


Hello Darling, 
I woke up at 7:30 this morning and spent 5 hours tidying and sorting out my room, which if you know me you will understand was very unorganised and messy. Part of this included going through my makeup collection and getting rid aka giving to mum any products I don't like, don't use or have too many similar items of. I like to do this occasionally to make room for new things and to appreciate what I have a little more rather than hoarding millions of items and using the same things everyday. While I was sorting I found some products that I really dislike for one reason or another and always use the excuse "oh well I can blog about them one day," today is that day! I know I enjoy watching videos like this on youtube and I have done a similar style blog post in the past, but I hope you all enjoy reading about makeup products I don't get on with and remember some people love these products, I just happen to really really not love them. 

The first product is the Super Stay 24 colour by Maybelline in Soft Taupe. I bought this with a voucher and was honestly so excited, cool toned nudes are completely my lip colour of choice and with the huge love of liquid lipsticks everyone is having recently I thought maybe this would suit those needs. I was very wrong. This product, despite beautiful shade, was awful. I tried the balm first then then colour or the colour first then the balm, I even tried the colour alone. Without the balm it was way too dry, like dehydrated for a week dry and with the balm either before or after it was patchy and uneven and basically looked gross on my lips. I tried this so many times and really wanted to love it but I really just didn't love it and it really needs to go. 

This next product is one of two liquid liners I am including in this post, this one being the Scandaleyes precision micro liner by Rimmel. The reason I bought this was because I used to prefer a felt tip type liner and I was really wanted something that would be easier to make a smaller line, as more often than not I end up with a thick black line, which is not what I was wanting. The reason this didn't work for me was because on the tip it doesn't provide any product you have to apply it on the side slightly to get a solid line, which completely defeats the point of a micro tip and the line ends up becoming thick anyway. As well as this, the formula for me really isn't black enough, it has a faded tone to the black line which looks like it's been there over night, which I also don't like. 

Don't get me wrong, I love love love the Maybelline colour tattoos, on and on bronze and creme de nude are completely amazing. However, for some reason this colour tattoo in Eternal Gold doesn't even seem to be the same formula. It's so so patchy compared to the others and doesn't provide a smooth coverage over the eye, it's also really chunky, it's supposed to be a shimmer shade but it just comes out in chunks of gold like a really low quality glitter. I don't know if I picked a bad one or what but I do know I really don't like this compared to the others. 

The ELF pressed powder I have actually used in blog posts before but as a bronzer rather than a pressed powder since it is so so orange. I have the lightest shade in the range and it is way too dark for my skin tone, so I can't even begin to think what it would be like on anyone lighter than me. As well as this, the formula is just to dry and chalky for me, I know that sounds odd since it's a powder but it just doesn't feel soft and high quality like my other powders.  I was using this as a subtle bronzer but I have so many actual bronzers that do a great job this just doesn't it staying in my makeup collection. However I will say, the packaging is really nice, but I'm not buying a product for packaging. 

This is the second liquid liner I am including and this one is way worse for me than the other. This one has such a large tip, literally like a felt tip pen as well as literally being grey it is that faded. Most of the time if you try to apply this product nothing actually comes out, then if you apply it slightly on the side you get a thick black grey patchy line that doesn't last on the eye. Even though this product was only about £1 it was a complete waste of time and money, I usually love Essence but I do not love this extra long lasting liner from Essence. 

I sort of expected these to not work for me since I tried the MUA liquid lipsticks and they were way too drying on the lips, but I saw these colours in superdrug from Makeup Revolution and just had to risk it. These are the Salvation Velvet Lacquers from Makeup revolution and I have the shades Velvet Depravity and Keep Lying For You. These colours are amazing, the coverage of these are amazing, the packaging is cute, the lasting power is decent however I cannot wear these liquid lips as they are so unbelievably dry after about 10 minuets and end up literally cracking on the lips. It doesn't matter what lip balm you use, when you use it, before or after or every second these liquid lips are too too dry and they make me feel like I have been eating sand and for that reason save your money and buy something else, despite the intensely beautiful colours. 

I recently was having a crisis and needed a mascara urgently at 8:50 in the morning, where I live Superdrug wasn't open till 9 which would have made me late to work and Boots wasn't on my route, the only thing close was Poundland so I found myself buying this Never Ending Story mascara from Makeup Gallery. I have never had anything from this brand before, I believe it is Poundland's own makeup brand and after using the mascara I probably won't buy again. I know it sounds bad that I am saying a £1 mascara is awful but there are so many brands out there such as Essence, Catrice, Collection, Revolution ect that have really cheap products including mascaras but still actually do something to my lashes. This mascara literally did nothing, it added no length, it didn't change the colour, I can't even moan and say it was clumpy like some cheap mascaras can be, it literally did nothing, it was like I wasn't wearing anything at all and for that reason it's not worth spending your £1 on. 

Finally I have a nail polish, which technically isn't makeup but I feel fits into the category. Rimmel brought out these Sweet Heart nail polishes a while ago which were all pastel shades in a matte form, which sounded completely up my ally however this shade in Cheeky girl is not good at all. The colour of this polish is so nice but the fact it is matte means it is 10/10 difficult to apply without getting streaks, as well as this it dries really messily and basically looks like tipex on my nails. I also have a pastel green and a pastel blue that are a bit better but all in all if you're getting a pastel shade I recommend not opting for a matte and just going for a regular type since they just look too chalky on the nails. 

And that is is for today's post. Are there any products I have mentioned that you completely love? Let me know in the comments! 

Make every second beautiful and have a pretty day, 
Kayleigh xoxo 

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  1. Oh I definitely agree with the Maybelline Super stay 24hour colour. I reviewed it on my blog and also said it's extremely dry used on it's own without the balm, didn't like it either.

    1. I'm glad it's not just me and someone else has had the same problem. Much better lip products on the market!
      Kayleigh. xo

  2. I was going to buy the ELF pressed powder but I changed my mind after reading your review. Do you have other recommendations? Probably an international brand since I'm from the PH! Would love to hear your insights! :)