How to live well but spend less: Money Saving Tips


Hello Darling, 
Last week I had a serious reality check that has inspired this blog post. I just nipped into the bank to check my ins and outs of my bank account, clicked to see my balance and nearly had heart failure. I wont go into detail of what I expected and what was there but I assure you I was in so much shock and it pretty much ruined the rest of my day. So I have gone into all sale no spend mode since I need to get my funds back to where I thought they were. Which is what today's blog post is all about, I have had to devise some tips for myself that may help me to save my money instead of spending it, however it will be too difficult for me to completely change my lifestyle, so these are just some small tips, nothing extreme, that can help me and you to save more money. 


Less is More
My first tip is something I am trying to teach myself to do. This is probably the hardest thing on my list to do, lets start tricky and get easier, it is the idea that we all accept in life that having less is more. Our constant desire for material possessions is what drives our need for money and to save, if we have money we can afford to buy items that we do not actually need. Majority of people can afford to survive, including myself, but we feel the constant need to buy items to make us feel 'happier.' If we all adopt that attitude that we do not need all these items, for example I do not need new makeup every week, the items I have currently are more than enough ect. Then we will buy less and save more. I hope this makes sense, But basically if we learn to live life more simpler then we will spend less money. If you study religion or sociology ect you may be aware of the Protestant ethic effect or Calvinism, this idea is is slightly similar. 

Organise your belongings 
One simple way to spend less is actually to sort though all your items and see what you actually have. I can promise you have items in your wardrobe that you are completely unaware of, if you sort though your wardrobe, makeup bag, storage boxes ect you will find items you don't remember owning and rediscover your own stuff. This therefore in the long run will make you less likely to buy new items as you're taking advantage of what you already own. For example I was sorting my lipsticks a couple weeks ago and found a lipstick I don't even remember buying and it was like a gift from myself to myself and saved me buying another lipstick. 
As well as this, if you sort though your items then you may find things you no longer want, this way you can do a Carboot sale, which are usually every Sunday in the UK, or sell old items of sites such as Ebay or Depop, this adds more money to your little savings pouch.


The one area that I constantly fall on in terms of spending too much money is food, it's really the area I need to improve on, so for this I have a couple tips which I really really need to start following. 
To begin this area, eating out is expensive. That's something to be aware of, not only is it expensive it's actually much worse for your diet than you would imagine. I eat out all the time, way too often, especially if I go away throwing £10-£25 on a meal at a time may not seem like a lot but even if you only eat out each Saturday in a month you can be spending £100, that's a lot for 4 meals. I'm not saying don't eat out, but I am certainly going to cut down and practice making tasty meals at home. If you do decide to keep eating out the one thing to be aware of is sides and drinks. You're meal may cost £10, not that bad if you're doing it once a month, however at restaurants and pubs a glass of coke can be £2.60 and an alcoholic drink even more. If you add a starter/dessert and sides such as chips, salads, breads ect to that, you can double your bill instantly. My suggestion is to cut down on drinks, have one glass instead of two or tap water with all your meals. Cut down on sides too, if you're ordering a full meal do you really need extra bits, will you even eat it all? You will save money by not spending in this area instantly.

Another area where I spend money on food is by going to work, sounds stupid? I work in the town centre that means I know I can run into sandwich shops or takeaways and grab lunch spending £5-ish each time. I could easily save money by buying and making my own lunches the night before, one loaf of bread and block of cheese can be the same price as one lunch and suit you all week, not to mention is a lot healthier for your body and you will be avoiding a lot more hidden sugars and salts.

As well as restaurants and cafes, fast food is huge temptation for most people that cost much more than if you were to cook everyday at home. If you're feeling lazy on a Friday night it's very easy to call dominos and have them deliver a large pizza and tub of ice cream - don't. It is easy but it's also a huge waste of money, just get your lazy butt of the couch and stick something in the oven. It's much easier than suffering later on because you're skint.


Drive Less
These tips obviously only apply to those of you who are drivers, if you don't drive you're safe in this department. I am not safe and I must say driving eating my money more than anything else in my life, when I take into account buying the car, repairs on the car, tax, insurance, petrol and parking I am literally spending a fortune. There is little way I can cut much of this out however, unless I completely got rid of the car. Some areas that I can cut back are petrol and parking, if you can walk somewhere, walk because you are not using your fuel and are not paying for parking once you get there. As I said, I work in town, it would take me aprox half an hour to walk to work at a leisurely pace. If I start at 11 in the day I pay £6 for parking per day and probably £10 in fuel a week, that means if I work for 5 days I am spending £40 on parking and fuel, if I work 5 days a week for a month I am spending £120 on fuel and parking when I could have walked and spent literally nothing.

Plan in Advance 
Planning in advance is one thing tha so many people underesitmate but can really help you save the pennies. If you plan what you're doing, what you're eating, where you're going, how you're getting there, what you need to take ect you will save yourself a fortune. At most events, drinks and food can be doubled in price because there is no other option around and you can often find that booking tickets online can usually save at least 10% as well as a booking fee. If you plan in advance you can also look for discount codes or free passes as well as things like train prices nearly halving. I recently went to brighton for a week, I booked it a couple weeks in advance and tickets, with my rail card, were around £35 each, if I had booked it the day before tickets were over £80 each, so by planning in advance, which was so easy, I managed to save money.

One in One out
I am trying a new thing with my makeup collection, I'm sure it would work with books or pens or nail varnish or clothes, really anything you may have. Only when I run out or break or finish one item, for example use a full bottle of foundation, am I allowed to buy myself a new foundation. I am the type of person who nips into Superdrug and leaves with a bag full of makeup, all of which I don't need. If I ensure I use a full product before buying another I am ensuing all my money is worth it and preventing myself from spending money and being wasteful. This will be particularly beneficial to me in terms of eye shadow which can literally last months and months, even if you used them everyday and will highlight to me how much makeup I actually need.

Learn to say No
I have this huge fear of missing out, I'm sure there are some of you out there who understand, I don't like to miss out on events with my friends, meals, parties, day trips ect. I also don't like to let people down and cancel on them. However, I do not have enough money to go on constant cinema trips, drives, meals, days out ect. So I am trying to train myself to say no. If there's something I don't really want to do and am only doing because I don't want to miss out or let someone down I am trying more to say no. Just because you can't afford or don't want to this time, doesn't mean you can't the next.


Don't buy anything you cannot afford
This is less of how to money save and more how to be money wise. It's easy to have a credit card or overdraft or store card or loan, but hard to pay it back. Do not buy clothes, makeup, house stuff, a car ect if you cannot afford it because it will sting you later on, especially with interest rates. My motto will always be, I will not buy what I cannot afford, I will not buy it if I don't have the full amount in the bank and can spare that extra.


So there are some of my instant and easy tips to try and save money, these aren't life changers and aren't going to save you millions in a week, they're just ways we can all cut down and stop buying things we don't really need.

I hope these have proven helpful. Let me know you're money saving tips in the comments, I'd love to read them!

Make every second beautiful and have a pretty day,
Kayleigh xo

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  1. This is so useful! Especially as University it coming up! I'm worried I'll spend too much and then run out of money! Thank you! Ily❤️

  2. These are all great tips! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. Thanks for posting these tips, they're so useful! I agree that planning in advance is often underestimated - and it often makes a huge difference.
    When I was buying new software for my company, I checked out microsoft 365 pricing months before, so when I was actually ready to buy it, I got a nice discount.

    1. Thank you for reading, I'm glad you found it useful!
      That's really good. I'm currently looking for photo editing software, so I'll keep my eye out for similar deals.
      Kayleigh xo

  4. Thanks for your tips on how to live well but spend less money. I will apply this to my daily living, but I was thinking, If we could have Multiple stream of passive income then even if we spend more to live well it wouldn't hurt our pocket right? . Can you make an article about how to have a passive income? Thanks.