Are you ready for results day? 10 things to remember for the big day.


Hello Darling, 
I am writing this post in advance, but when it goes live it will be one day before results day, so I'm writing this post to keep you calm as well as trying to keep myself calm. I'm going to be honest here, even starting this post I instantly feel shaky and sick so I can even begin to imagine the morning of results day. Despite this, I am going to try and release some tensions and that sick feeling in everyone's stomach, whether it will be effective I really don't know, but it's at least worth a shot.

1. Keep yourself as healthy as possible.
The one thing that I think everyone is going to suffer with, is trying to go to sleep the night before results day. We will all be tossing and turning in our blankets, panicking about what to come the next day. Hopefully this post will help to ease some of those panics so this wont happen, but I think it is so important that we all just don't sit on UCAS and refresh the page all night because chances are the results wont even go live till about 8am. I also think it's really important for on results day to make sure you head to whatever institution having tried to eat some food and drank something simply because there would be nothing worse than you panicking for these results and you're ready to faint because you haven't eaten or you feel so uncomfortable because you're dehydrated. Plus, if the results come back you wont be able to fully enjoy the moment because all you'll be thinking about is a MacDonalds breakfast, or I would be anyway. It also may be an option to go for a run or do a little exercise either before you go to bed or when you wake up to try and burn off some of your stress and get your endorphins pumping, this may be particularly helpful if you're worried about not sleeping as it may tire your body out making you more likely to nod off. As well as this, you may be tempted to have a few alcoholic beverages the night before, you will regret this when you are hungover wandering into school or college to see your teachers and regardless of the result you will feel like pure crap.

2. Go for a nervous wee.
You may giggle when you read this, but joking aside, you do not want to either a) wee yourself because you get so excited and happy like a puppy when they meet new people. b) be making endless phone calls or having conversations busting for a wee. c) be in the line waiting to pick up your envelope and then suddenly have to pee. d) run into the school bathroom and be confronted by someone who's extremely emotionally because they've had bad results and then syke you out.  Nightmare situations, avoid this embarrassment or trauma and pop to the loo.

3.  Have faith in yourself.
I am so doubtful on myself and it's completely irrational because most of the time when I'm crying with worry I have done so much better than I expected to. Guaranteed you have nearly always done better than you think you have and this is probably true of results day too, with the odd exception. However, have faith that this time wont be that one time that you've done worse and try to focus on the positives. You tried your hardest, if the exam was really tricky grade boundaries will be lowered, nothing will have came up on the exam which you didn't revise for (unless you did this years maths exam, in which case I am so sorry.) As well as this, do not dwell on how you think the exam went and list all the things you didn't do right or should have done differently, it's an awful mentality to have and you're only going to make yourself feel worse. Added to this, you are not an examiner therefore you cannot determine what you should or shouldn't have done.

4. The world doesn't stop spinning if you don't get the results you wanted.
No matter what results you get, time moves forward and your life continues. There are millions of other options for you out there if you don't get three As or you don't get your first choice university. If it's the case of universities, you have your insurance option and then the option to go into clearing. As well as this, you can re-sit any exams you weren't happy with and then re-apply the next year, or re-apply without resitting to a course that suits what qualifications you have. Also, you have the option to get an apprenticeship or a full time job, you can also get a job quickly save up the money and then travel to another country and get a full time job there or do some volunteering, you could also ask your school if you could resit the year or you could go to college to do a foundation degree. And these are just the options I can come up with off the top of my head, never mind if you decide to look into it yourself and your hobbies and passions. You never realise what can happen and you might end up having some really amazing experiences that you wouldn't have otherwise had.
I have prepared for the best and the worst because I am completely blind to what my results may be so I may as well share my many plan options. Plan A for me is get accepted into Newcastle university by hopefully meeting the conditions of my offer and study law for 3 years. Plan B is get accepted into Liverpool university. Plan C is go into clearing and have a look at my potential options, if there's something I like attend university there if not move on to plan D. Plan D is a bit more vague: get a full time job in the area and then either travel abroad and get a job abroad or get a flat in the area with some other friends who didn't go to sixth form or my boyfriend and some of his friends for a year and then re-apply to university for 2017/2018 entry. I have plenty of planning options which keeps me lovely and calm, or as can be, for results day, but I also need to remember that plans don't always work perfectly and I just need to go with the flow and see what events come my way.

5. Exam results don't define you as a person.
It's important to remember that no matter on that piece of paper it doesn't determine what type of person you have been or are or will turn out to be. Only your choices have the ability to shape your personality and you could come out with 3 A* on results day but that doesn't necessarily mean you will be happy and content with yourself or your behaviour. Make sure you spend more time remembering your amazing qualities and doing kind actions than worrying about results and (as tacky as it sounds) neglecting your inner self/soul.

6. Don't treat the day as a contest.
Do not go into results day thinking I need to get 3 Bs because that's what everyone else has, or I have to get at least one A because if not then I'll look stupid or so-and-so will have done better than me. What's a good result for you may not be for another and what's good for another may not be good for you. It's important to remember everyone is at a different level, did different subjects and has different strengths. Don't determine the success of your results by what they compare to with your friends. If you got 3 Cs and you wanted/needed 3 Cs, be happy with that!

7. You may still get accepted with lower grades.
If you're relying on your A-Level results to get you into university then a lot of the pressure and worry for this big day will come from the fact that you're worried about getting into your first choice university. One thing to remember is if you miss your offer by a grade then there is still a chance you will be accepted. Even if you miss the grade it's important you check UCAS track to see what the universities have replied, as well as this you can ring the universities themselves. One thing to remember is that if a university doesn't fill up their course the course goes into clearing, the universities would rather fill their places with original applicants who missed the required grades by one than students who had to enter into clearing, so they are more likely to take you on.

8. You've made it this far. But you also have a long way to go.
You have survived! Some of the most difficult yet fun years of my life were at sixth form and throughout my 2 years doing Alevels I saw so many people fall - not like hunger games fall, as in they couldn't continue on with Alevels due to the work load and the pressure/stress. If you are waiting on results day and worried about it, chances are you have made it this far, you've got to the finish line, so you should still be proud of yourself. However, whilst I say this, regardless of what results you get they are not the be all and end all because you still have a long way to go. If you get the grades you want then you'll be off to your job or to university and will then have to get your degree or move up the career ladder ect. And without trying to be the negative Nancy it's important to remember that regardless of what grades you get, you aren't finished yet and these results don't complete your life goals.
Not to make anyone instantly cry, universities have already received all of our results, they already know if you're in or out, so you're probably panicking about something that's already happened, you just don't know the answer: complete fear of the unknown. However if you managed to survive sixth form and sit your exams, you have already done better than millions of people across the UK so in no way are you headed for a 'failure of a life' even if you think these results will determine if you are a success or not.

9. Just know you've done the best you could.
I know how hard I tried for exams, how hard I worked all year and how much I revised. I also saw how hard my friends worked, how much they revised and all the effort they put in throughout the year. I know I tried the best I could and I hope that you also know you tried the best you could and that's all that matters. No matter what grades you get on results day, if you tried the best you could then that is the most important thing. I know it sounds cliche but honestly it's something you really need to remember.

10. What will be will be you cannot change it so why worry about it.
One of my life mottos for when you're stressed is: If you can change it, change it. If you can't change it stop stressing about it. This applies here, there is no way right now you can change what mark the examiners gave you and there is no way really you can change the universities mind if they decide to reject you. So as difficult as it sounds, don't stress about it. However you can change your perspective, if you try to think positive or try not thinking about it at all it may make the waiting stage much easier.

I hope these 10 tips aid someone in some way slightly and if anyone wants to talk in the comments about exams or uni pressures or anything along those lines, feel free to drop me message.
I would like to wish everyone good luck for results day and I hope everyone gets what they are wanting.

Make every second beautiful and have a pretty day,
Kayleigh xo

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