Lipstick Review : Tom Ford, Violet Fatale


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Hello Darling, 

Today I will be doing a review of the 'Violet Fatale' Lipstick by Tom Ford. 
This week on my driving lesson I was talking to my driving instructor about christmas and his wife and all that interesting stuff and I mentioned that I had a new Tom Ford lipstick and he replied with "Ah, so you've got the Rolls Royce of lipsticks then?" Despite the car compassion he was completely correct. God only know he knew the Tom Ford lipsticks were amazing but he hit the nail on the head. 
Violet Fatale is beautiful hot pink - with a slight purple look to it, which is super flattering and especially good for the season at the moment. If you are not brave with lipsticks I do not think this colour is for you but if you enjoy mixing the colours up I would defiantly give it ago. When I think about what skin tone this lipstick would suit I can imagine this colour on anyone. Perhaps someone extremely fair skinned with extremely fair hair may wish to try out a similar product of the same colour before investing but I'm almost sure most people could rock this colour if they wanted to. 
The lipstick is not matte but is no way intensely glossy. The lipstick has a natural shine with application which looks lovely, despite myself usually going after a matte. In no way does it feel shiny or sticky on the lips. 
"Rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. " 
Tom Ford's lipstick is said to have exotic ingredients to allow a smooth application. When applying the lipstick it is incredibly smooth and goes on wonderfully. There are other products from the drugstore which apply smoothly also therefore you are clearly getting an extremely luxury product from the ingredients it is made with. 
The packaging of the lipstick is a rectangle made from black thick plastic and gold metal. The packaging is very slick and does not get dirty easily as it's made from something with a gloss rather than a matte black tube that could pick up any dirt possible. The Gold decor adds the element of a luxury expensive product and I am proud to show this packaging in my makeup collection. On top of the tube is a TF engraved, this also comes on the top of the lipstick however this obviously fades as soon as you start using it, but to begin with is a really lovely touch. The lid also makes that extremely satisfying 'click' sound when you put the lid back on which really sells a lipstick to me and I know I could put it in my bag without the fear the lid might pop off. 
The lipstick has a sort of vanilla scent but not taste and does not feel uncomfortable on the lip in the slightest however it is not as opaque as it could be. It has a slight sheen but nothing that puts me off from wearing it, I have used much more opaque lipsticks before none the less. 
The lipstick remains quite wonderfully, I was most happy when I was drinking from a glass and no lipstick transferred on to the rim and I'm sure the person who had to clean the glass was over the moon also. The lipstick also is much my hydrating than many lipsticks, I get extremely dry lips and this doesn't cause them a problem on a day to day basis. 
The price of the lipstick defiantly isn't wonderful however. It will cost you £37 if bought in the UK which seems very costly for a lipstick particularly  when other high end lipsticks tend to cost around £15-£25. It does seem you are paying for the luxury packaging and ingredients and you could use the argument 'you get what you pay for' but in my opinion despite the quality no average makeup user 'needs' to have this lipstick in their collection and you can by many amazing lipsticks in a similar colour at a lower cost. I would never discourage someone who was desperate for this particular product as it really is wonderful but I wouldn't push this lipstick to anyone who felt they couldn't afford it. 
I love the lipstick in terms of colour, quality, packaging and feel on the lips. 

Places to find Tom Ford's Violet Fatale  in the UK
House of Fraser

Make every second beautiful and have a pretty day, 

Kayleigh xoxo 

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  1. Oh my god, that lipstick looks amazing! And it really suits you, you look so beautiful with it on. :) I have heard of Tom Ford lipsticks before but I have never tried one as I can't always find a good enough excuse to buy a lipstick for that price but one day, I will definitely buy and try one! :)
    p.s : I love your scarf! :)

    -Paige x

    1. I completely agree, I wanted to try one for so long but I never have a good enough reason. This was a gift from my Mum so I'm clearly a very lucky girl!
      Thank you,
      Kayleigh xoxo

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